Don’t forget You Have up to sixteen (16) hours of administrative time to complete the forms required for you Periodic Reinvestigations:

Periodic Reinvestigations. The following procedures are applicable to any NTEU bargaining unit employees undergoing a Periodic Re-Investigation (PRI): A. Employees will be permitted to utilize up to sixteen (16) hours of administrative time to complete the forms required in their respective periodic reinvestigation. It is understood that some employees may need more time than others to complete the forms. B. Administrative time may not necessarily be taken consecutively. It may need to be scheduled an hour or two at a time, based on workload and staffing requirements. – 94 – C. Employees will be permitted to leave the work site during the administrative time if reasonably necessary to complete the forms. Due to potential privacy conflicts, employees need not provide specific reason(s) for requesting time away. A general explanation or a reference to one of the following examples will be sufficient. Examples of situations for which employees shall be permitted to leave the work site are: to visit a financial institution, to visit a storage facility to inventory property, or to find a private location to complete the forms. However, if a private work location is afforded the employee, (s)he is encouraged to complete the forms at the work location. D. Photocopies of previously submitted forms will no longer be accepted as the information will not be transferable to the government’s electronic filing system. E. Within ten (10) days of receiving the notice to complete the periodic reinvestigation forms, employees may request copies of their last set of previously completed forms similar to those that are now required. The employee’s PRI package will identify where to forward this request. Employees shall have fourteen (14) days from the date they receive the requested information to complete the documents. F. Employees will receive sufficient training to enable them to access and use the government’s electronic filing system. G. Investigators will advise all third parties they interview of the purpose of the PRI interview prior to asking any questions. H. Absent extenuating circumstances, PRI interviews will be conducted at the employee’s worksite during duty hours. I. Copies of the certification of investigation will be inserted into the employee’s Official Personnel Folder (OPF) and the Agency will take necessary steps to notify the employee of the completion of the PRI simultaneous to the entry in the OPF.

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