2018 Bid and Rotation

Information and News for NTEU Chapter 177 Members
2018 Bid and Rotation preparation is underway. President Ros and VP Murphy along with your board members and Stewards met and are presently working on Managements draft for the upcoming Bid and Rotation. Upcoming meetings are set up in coming weeks and we are making sure the 2018 Bid and Rotation will be finalized and coincide with the new contract fairly to all members. New bids and rotations are scheduled to start January 1, 2018.
A copy of the new contract is contained in this news update. All members are encouraged to review your contract.
All union members that feel they have a grievance; please email NTEU Stewards with details of the circumstances. *Any oral grievances brought to the attention to any Union Steward must be followed up with a detailed email to that Union Steward. This will help the union in helping you.
Remember to update your address and contact information on NTEU.org

Thank you and always be safe….on and off duty
-Ray Marino
NTEU Chapter 177 News Coordinator

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