Hazardous Weather Conditions LEAVE

We have received many calls in regards to the weather conditions. We encourage everyone to read the contract. You can request admin leave for weather condition based on article 37 Section 10 (C) (7). stated :

“Hazardous Weather Conditions. When the Employer determines it is necessary to close a post of duty because of hazardous weather or emergency conditions, or when such conditions prevent an employee from reporting to work when the post of duty is not closed. In the latter circumstance, in order to be granted excused absence, the employee must provide the Employer with evidence that (s)he made a reasonable effort to report to work but that such conditions prevented him or her from doing so. Factors the Employer will consider in granting such requests may include: the distance between the employee’s residence and place of work; the mode of transportation normally used by the employee; efforts by the employee to report to work; the success of other similarly situated employees to report to work; physical disability of the employee; and local travel restrictions. Excused absences granted under this provision will only be for the period in which the employee was reasonably prevented from reporting for work.

Please contact the union if CBP denied you “Admin Time”.


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