Violation of Article 35 Overtime.

This past Monday NTEU chapter 177 had a meeting with CBP management in regards the violation of CBA and past practice. NTEU filed a grievance in regards CBP without notice to NTEU, repudiated the CBA and changed past practice by refusing to assign overtime in accordance with Article 35 S 1 (B), as it has done since 2011. Officers who would have volunteered for overtime assignments 72 hours in advance are being denied the opportunity to work overtime because CBP has improperly decided to assign overtime, which should have been anticipated and assigned 72 hours in advance, into last-minute unanticipated overtime, thereby precluding some officers from working the assignments because they had not planned to work overtime.
Additionally, NTEU believe that the agency is in violation of informing employees of their assignment to unanticipated overtime as far in advance as practicable. And when possible, at least two (2) hours in advance of the end of their scheduled assignment regardless of obvious and/or published shortages on the daily schedule.
Other Violations:
5 usc 7116(a)(1) and (a)(5)
Article 35 S 1 (C)

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