Global Settlement

June 2, 2017

We know many of you are receiving inquiries about when individual checks will be mailed. NTEU have been working diligently with CBP and the settlement administrator Brown/Greer to finalize payment calculations in preparation for the mailing. Given the large number of employees covered by the global settlement, and the complexity of the payment calculations, this process has taken longer than anticipated. Of particular note, the complete data sets underlying the calculations were not even sent by CBP to the settlement administrator until mid-April. Since then, Brown/Greer has been carefully reviewing the data to ensure that there are no discrepancies in individual data files — as is often the case when federal agencies such as CBP send large data sets to NTEU.

Brown/Greer has also been tasked with developing a payment algorithm that results in the highest possible award amounts being distributed to eligible employees. As you might expect, that algorithm is very complicated and time-consuming to create.

NTEU staff are in daily contact with the settlement administrator. Based on recent conversations with Brown/Greer, We expect payments to be issued to eligible employees in late summer. We know many of you have been waiting a long time for a resolution to these cases, and We appreciate your continued patience as we work to ensure that individuals receive proper and accurate payments.

Meanwhile, Brown/Greer has launched a web site [] where employees and former employees may go to update their home addresses. It is critical that the settlement administrator have up-to-date contact information for individuals, because payments will be mailed to individuals via U.S. Postal Mail. NTEU does not receive this updated information. Therefore, individuals will also be provided a link to NTEU’s web site where they can provide or update other personal contact information, including their mobile phone number and home e-mail address, so that they can receive the latest information from NTEU on a variety of matters affecting their work lives. All individuals will continue to be directed to the NTEU web site or their local chapter for more detailed information about the settlement.


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