Here are highlights of the new agreement

NTEU and CBP have reached agreement on a new six-year contract that retains critical rights, benefits and protections that the union secured in previous negotiations and builds on these gains.

Bid and Rotation Placement

CBP Officers and Agriculture Specialists can bid on all port work units, schedules and shifts with determinations made by seniority.
The limit has been lifted on biddable work units, shifts or schedules (previously limited to four work units).
Employees may work in a unit as long as they can perform the required duties within the first four months of the bid cycle. This provides protections for employees who are pregnant or on short-term disability.
Super units will be replaced by appropriately-sized work units based on “regular and recurring functions.”
“Catch all phrases” allowing employees to be assigned to any work unit at any time are prohibited.
NTEU can bargain over whether employees work fixed or rotating shifts.
Ports will gradually move to live bidding.

Employees many “unvolunteer” for overtime assignments.
The hour-after rule is limited to one hour of work. After that, CBP must use the overtime call-out order in nearly every circumstance.
Employees cannot be forced to work overtime on days off.
Excusals are now automatic and no longer “subject to operational requirements” as long as the excusal request is submitted per the contract’s timeframes.
Remedies for missed overtime assignments must be back pay,unless the chapter and employee want a different remedy.
Work Schedules

CBP will pay the maximum amount authorized by the Office of Personnel Management, which will increase awards budgets and overall amounts.
Employees can earn both a management award and negotiated joint awards committee (JAC) award.
Other Protections

Written admonishments must be purged from agency files within one year.
Employees have a right to respond to all complaints, no matter the source, within two days.
NTEU will have more of a say in addressing safe and secure parking, and if fees rise.
Employees have new due process procedures and protections during investigatory interviews.
Employees can stay at the same preclearance site for six years, instead of five.
Hardship reassignments are permitted if an employee’s spouse must relocate.
The childcare subsidies cap has increased. Employees with adjusted incomes of $70,095 (up from $50,000) are now eligible.
Next Steps

Only NTEU members can vote to ratify the contract. Chapter leaders will notify members of ratification meetings, where members learn more about the contract, ask questions and vote to ratify it. For more information, visit your union representative.

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